Tuesday, February 5, 2013

weak wintertime sunlight

.......it's been a while

you may have noticed i didn't actually do the halloween post i said i would. such is the running theme of my blog! but seriously i'm working on a real post with outfits and everything, i just needed to post SOMETHING in the meantime bc i've been feeling all gross about not having posted anything since halloween
but! one thing of note has happened since i last posted......emma of voicefromthewall interviewed me for her zine "on the fence" a little bit ago, and now it's out !! you can buy issue #1 ♥ here ♥ for two bucks - the art's awesome, the writing's awesome, and the money goes to an awesome person.....have i won you over with my AWESOME marketing abilities yet? (my dad took marketing in college, so)

lukasz wierzbowski, the first snow, FRUiTS march '12, nicola kuperus, olympia le-tan s/s '13, sofia copolla for marc jacobs f/w '99 by juergen teller,

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