Saturday, February 16, 2013

summer road trip in the middle of february

don't abuse me joan jett
mabuk laut dara puspita
rock hard suzi quatro
suffragette city david bowie
(bang a gong) get it on t. rex 
hollywood the runaways 
pretty vacant (instrumental) sex pistols
jailhouse rock queen
not fair lily allen 
do you remember rock n roll radio? the ramones
reach out the pleasure seekers
on the radio donna summer 
homewrecker marina & the diamonds
i wanna be where the boys are the runaways
crazy little thing called love queen
paint it black the rolling stones

i've had pent-up inspiration for like a month now to channel something along the lines of "a bunch of girls take an east coast to west coast road trip in the '40s/'50s/'60s/'70s" into any medium and since most of that inspiration comes from pictures i figured i'd do a compilation thingy (you don't even KNOW how long it took to get the credit for all of these ok). i also figured i'd do a playlist thingy for songs that some of these images reminded me of along with it
it's still sorta nagging at me to nail this down and make it into an actual cohesive story though

margaret durow, '57 homecoming queen, joel meyerowitz, blinds, there's nothing to do in suburbia by bill owens, camera obscura, michael ormerod, phil donohue, phil donohue again, dewey nicks, andrew filer, steve fitch, stephane sednaoui, california or bust, pink atmosphere #1 by judy chicago, ernest haas, william eggleston, william eggleston again, sun bothering you?, woman in a car, '64 pontiac tempest ad, joseph sterling, car, diner, tavi gevinson by petra collins, smoking on the fire escape, petra collins for urban outfitters, drive-in theater, '47 coney island by sid grossman, scott pommier, the new yorker cover by arthur getz, curtains, life magazine, grace newton, more curtains, carhops, jerry hall by antonio lopez, bubblegum, smith island 1936, wil symons, roberta ridolfi, neighbor visitor girl '83, shirly kurata by autumn de wilde, brownelle hoaw, roger minick, b. anthony stewart for national geographic 1942, lonely avenue album cover, claudia niño villalobos, national geographic 1942, niccolò morgan gandolfi, zoltan tombor for marie claire hungary, queens of noise billboard, patrick joust, pink motel, thomas locke hobbs, julius shulman


  1. literally all those songs are perfect. DAVID BOWIE! QUEEN! T-REX! ahh, I love it too much.

    1. aaah thanks!! i just picked out a bunch of songs that remind me of summer. i usually end up with at least one bowie/queen/t.rex song per playlist haha