Wednesday, October 31, 2012

club penguin halloween party mom

i took these this morning at like 8 because i got up to do something and noticed how cool it looked so i needed to capture it
the light is always different on halloween, i've noticed
my little sisters cat muffin came out onto the porch with me and so i seized the opportunity to add like 100 more picture to the steadily-growing amount my family has already taken cause she's frickin adorable
on a side note, every once and a while i'll look at the traffic source thingy for here and

how does one make the jump from club penguin halloween party mom to a personal style blog
why would one even be searching for a club penguin halloween party mom
so many unanswered questions

anyway here's a playlist i made that i felt obligated to post before halloween is over even though the proper feeling will have passed for anyone beyond october (ugh seven minutes to go)

keep me running scared
goosebumps theme jack lenz
scary monsters (and super creeps) • david bowie
chainsawthe ramones
season of the witchjoan jett
rifle rangeblondie
gonna raise hellcheap trick
stone cold crazyqueen
face in the crowdcat's eyes
shampainmarina & the diamonds
ghost townthe specials
dead end justicethe runaways

i'll make another post later to get all the halloween/samhain vibes out of my system but it'll be a bit
i'm staying up until 3am to get the damned sidebar on neopets
i hope you had a more interesting halloween then i did, man
happy halloween   

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