Thursday, October 18, 2012

whatever happened to the teenage dream?

compilation post because i haven't posted in like three months!! (excuse the fluctuating colors, the light in my room was different for like all of these and even when i know it was warm it would still go all blue)

mucha shirt from goodwill, mom's old skirt, tights + docs (shirt bought when my family took my grandma out for her birthday)

doctor who shirt, nebula dress, black sandals (what i wore on gram's birthday, and it took be about 20 minutes to realize that the weather was too warm to wear a shirt AND a dress so i shed the shirt and put on my bowie pin)

sheer-ish polkadot shirt from tj maxx, black strapless demi-bra, mom's old skirt, tights + the black flats i just bought (i haven't worn this out yet technically but i thought i was going to so i took pictures and then figured out it was too cold)

hell yes newly purchased sparkly vintage queen shirt from etsy!!

from goodwill...where were these like a year ago when i was actually trying to find platform hollywood witch shoes??

i've been looking for plain black flats without sequins and glitter and ribbons (not that those things are bad by themselves but damn i just want black flats ok) for like forever so even they they were super expensive i bought them for school shopping and it was justified (totally)

i've had these for a while but i realized that i've never taken a picture of them and i really like them so

kinda bummed because i more than likely will not go trick-or-treating this year or any other year after
and instead will just sit at home in my underwear having a pity party of 1 at the club penguin halloween party until the unreasonable hours of the morning while the worlds smallest violin plays gently in the background
also bummed because i lost my skull pinky ring somewhere

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