Saturday, September 10, 2011

you can see on the horizon,

she is soon going home.

thrifted cashmere sweater + shoes, mom's old skirt, socks that sis gave to me, my old dance class backpack, my pentagram earrings.

i bought this great wool skirt at a vintage store i went to today. it doesn't have any tags, but it was only $8! and i'm a cheapo, so!

since it's closing in on fall, and the lighting in my room was interesting, i think, i wanted to make the photos seem a bit spooky. i resembled a zombie in the first picture by accident, though.

the skirt is a lot more blue in real life.

i bought this halloween-y painting at that vintage store as well.
(the last two photos are crap, but it actually looks really nice in person.) 

lately i've been thinking about dyeing my hair...i've seen so many nice pictures of dyed hair over the past few months and, although i love my natural haircolor, i just feel like doing something different. like this.
thing is, if i dyed my hair, i wouldn't want to kill my natural color permanently. so no bleach. my webcam is fairly deceptive with my color and makes it look insanely dark, when in reality it's more red + light brunette.
actually, since the color would look a lot less vivid without bleach, electric tiger lily might look a little less like a carrot-color? and it's semi-permanent, so from what i've read, it will fade out eventually and go back to the natural color?
...ramble ramble. anyways. i'm in a bit of a dilemma, and i must consult my hairdresser. more spooky schoolgirl posts should be expected as the season begins/progresses.


  1. I know that some of the manic panic dyes (probably mostly the reds?) will tint unbleached hair, but it seems like you've already checked out the manic panic line :) Super awesome plaid skirts and cashmere sweater! Glad to see other people are already getting hyped up for Halloween!

  2. super great skirts! I have never owned a plaid skirt (don't know why) but they are great and you are rocking them with the sweater.
    Um- I've tried the Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink, Cotton Candy, and Wildfire plus their Flash Lightning Bleach and I really liked the results. the more intense, dark colors would work on your hair but you know, it's short enought that whatever bleaching and dying you end up doing would be cut off eventually anywhay- not ruining your natural hair. Just a thought.