Thursday, September 15, 2011

there's coffee in that nebula



seven of nine.

various aenar.

lwaxana troi. (daughter of the fifth house, holder of the sacred chalice of riix, and heir to the holy rings of betazed.)

aquiel uhnari.

olianna mirren.

valeda innis.

deanna troi.

kathryn janeway.


dr. beverly crusher.

amanda rogers.

yep. star trek.

fun fact: only 6 out of the 14 total characters here were regulars on their series.

i was going to organize them by series, but then i just really wanted to get it published because i've been working on it on and off for 16 days...

encounter at farpoint (TNG), home (6) [ENT], symbiosis (2) [TNG], hope and fear (VOY), the aenar (5) [ENT], manhunt (TNG), menage a troi (TNG), the forsaken (2) [DS9], menage a troi (2) [TNG], aquiel (2) [TNG], coming of age (TNG), haven (TNG), man of the people (TNG), haven (TNG), dark page (2) [TNG], a fistful of datas (3) [TNG], time and again (VOY), tattoo (VOY), heroes and demons (VOY), jetrel (VOY), coldfire (2) [VOY], deadlock (VOY), suspicions (2) [TNG], true q (5) [TNG].

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