Wednesday, September 7, 2011

people talk about you, people say you've had your day

mom's shirt, weathervane shorts, levi's belt, mom's sneakers.

even though i'm two days late, happy belated birthday, Freddie.
since my wardrobe has a distinct lack of harlequin unitards, leather pants and police caps, i had to go with a more simple outfit...would've worn skinny jeans but it was really, REALLY humid outside on the 5th and i probably would've sweat to death. and the shirt was the wrong color so i thought i'd just throw accuracy out the window. didn't find a mustache in time, so a badly photoshopped 'tache will have to do. ("'tache" is how they say it over in britain, i guess? it sounds completely unnatural out loud.)

1 comment:

  1. It seems practicality always trumps preference when dealing with the weather. Love the outfit - it's so crisp and minimalist :) And the sneakers. They look so cool/comfy~