Thursday, August 4, 2011

let's go chasing rainbows in the sky

it's my invitation.

shirt and shorts borrowed from my mom, my own camisole, pepsi necklace from my gram, bracelet from girl scouts, pin from a yard sale.

everything here is just a sort of summery/what reminds me of summer vibe/styles i've been trying to emulate. i threw in the 4th of july outfit because i've been meaning to post it for a month and it's somewhat related to summer.

Mr. Bad Guy by Freddie Mercury, rosario dawson and chloe sevigny, blinds, john deacon and roger taylor, blooming leopold, bedroom, old faerieland, sunset, japanese street style, cedric buchet, '60s schoolgirls, cyndi lauper, diana prince, cher horowitz, sunrise, rhianna, '60s teens, olga sherer, fireworks, lizzie and miranda, long skirts, drive-in, japanese street fashion, ferris bueller, kate moss, minako aino by naoko takeuchi (i like to think that her shirt says "sex" because that's such a mina thing), natalia vodinova sleepover.

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