Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i couldn't think of a song

 hey there, mind the three month gap.


'90s-'00s drugstore. (note the lisa frank pin! the halfhearted girl power jelly bracelets!)
ben & jerry's shirt, weather vane shorts, maine woods sandals.
(obvs the best thing to do when you're photographically-challenged is to use a webcam.)
well, i guess i've been absent for a that time, i've turned 14 and gotten a haircut. that's pretty much it.
also, i honestly couldn't think of a song that wouldn't throw the vibe off.

princess lunchbox, nickel, petra collins, unicorn pillows, jewels, rings, jeremy scott, lizzie and miranda, chanel cat, rings, tankgirlsinspiration, stick-on earrings, hannah holman, butterfly jacket, googly flowers, jewel hair mermaid barbie, gwen stefani (queen of the late '90s), smilieface ball, girl scout patches, hair, teenage bedroom, plastic crown, angelina jolie

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