Monday, August 29, 2011

i wanna go to the movies

all i wanna do is sit a my aaaaasss

vintage shirt (the collarrrr), cashmere sweater, steve madden shoes. all thrifted.

camisole from renys, old navy skirt, steve madden shoes. 

calvin kline dress, sunglasses from some shop from when i was little, sis's black tights, converse hi-tops.

hat from the san francisco international airport, sanshee tshirt, belt from zeus's closet, sis's skirt, black tights, steve madden shoes, my great-grandma's ring, sis's shoes.

i bought the top three items on the the 12th, when my mom decided to take me to goodwill because i passed my swimming class. (also because she needed something at the hardware store in the same town, but i like to think it was because i'm a good noodle.)
what i bought, then what i wore on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd respectively.
please ignore my pudgy hands and colorly-inaccurate webcam. halfway through the day on the 22nd i had to change shoes because it was unexpectedly warm, and my feet aren't used to those steve madden's yet, so i had to borrow my sis's shoes. i had to take my tights off and it kind of messed with the feeling. sob
that brown lump on my bed from the 22nd is my cat, cassie. she kept staring at me while i was trying to take these, presumably because she wanted more pets/food.
i didn't post this sooner because 1. i procrastinate a lot and 2. irene decided to come knock out our power for a day and a half. outfits just keep piling up on me and i'm too lazy to keep up with it! expect more lazy compilation posts.

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