Sunday, March 4, 2012

wama lama bama lama

yesterday was pretty boring, and i remembered that emma said back in december that i should take some pictures of my grandma's old skirts, so i did...i keep them on my bed most of the time because there's not enough room in my closet, so they're just about fully covered in cat hair. i never iron them, either, so they're also super wrinkly

(i went a little crazy with the details here, but there are just SO MANY OF THEM and that's what makes this one my favorite, i think)

aaand this is what they look like when i'm wearing them. the parade skirt is the longest, but only by like, half an inch
i made a playlist of sorts, since lately i've been feeling a real '50s vibe - or, more appropriately, a '70s-ish throwback to the '50s vibe - and it goes along with this post, so • here it is •

rock 'n' roll is king • electric light orchestra
blackmail • the runaways
devil gate drive • suzi quatro
crying blood • v v brown
rip her to shreds • blondie
what a way to die • the pleasure seekers
boys keep swinging • david bowie
(you're so square) baby i don't care • queen
what's inside a girl? • the cramps
maybe he'll know • blue angel

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