Monday, February 27, 2012

make it magnificent

pyt london nebula dress, my grandma's old sunglasses, pink converse high tops, and a bracelet i got from brownie girl scouts i think

calvin kline dress from goodwill, my grandma's sunglasses again, mudd shoes (not pictured but it was my first time wearing them this year!! also my first time wearing a dress outside for the year very exiting stuff)

'70s spore shirt from the salvation army, flared-leg jeans and steve madden wedges

blondie tshirt-dress-thing, an early birthday present!!! the print is all wonky but it still looks pretty cool imo. (as cool as anything does that has a picture of debbie harry's face on it [that sentence sounds super weird but every time i try to fix it it just sounds weirder])
that nebula dress was a birthday present too, but from my 14th

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  1. LOVE THE SUNGLASSES! And all the prints, but especially the nebula dress!!