Friday, November 18, 2011

you don't sing and dance in juvie, honey

i discovered the runaways this week.
a few days ago i decided to listen to cherry bomb, since i'd listened to it sometime last year and not really cared for it, and i just fell in love. i listened to the rest of the album, and then queens of noise and live in japan. i haven't been able to bring myself to listen to waitin' for the night, though, because of cherie's absence. (jackie left, too, but she didn't play on the first album either so?)
most of the girls were 15 or 16 when they joined - i mean, barely 16, making intelligent, head-bang-worthy music in lingerie and hotpants?! instant respect. (not that teenage girls can't make good songs or something because of their age, it's just fairly rare in the mainstream at the moment.)
it's pretty much guaranteed that i'm going to start borrowing my mom's leather jacket now, and the search for platform boots is ON.

i don't have the credits for all of these, but the pictures of joan in the street are by brad elterman.

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