Sunday, November 27, 2011

every summer i wonder what's so bad about winter, and every winter i wish i was in god damn hawaii

thrifted gap dress, black tights, mudd shoes.

wore this on thanksgiving...i painted my left hand fingernails black because it was the 20th anniversary of Freddie's passing. i didn't include my face/hair in this because i was having a truly horrible hair day.
i haven't been posting a lot of outfits on here because i really hate dressing in cold weather (i'm not good at layering at all), and in these months my parents don't go into portland for fun a lot. (which means that my sister and i don't, either.) our immediate family is pretty small and we all live within 30 miles of each other, so the holidays aren't too incredibly hectic, and maine roads - especially in winter - are kind of bad. so my mom and sister and i just stay in our cabin, usually, which means pajama pants and sports bras.

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