Monday, October 3, 2011

something about "brunch" sounds really pretentious

salem was actually really fun, apart from the humidity blah-ness, and sharing the back seat of a tiny subaru with my sister and grandma. the trip was visually dreary, on account of the trees taking longer to turn this year. we drove down on the 22nd, taking roughly two and a half hours, and pretty much didn't stop laughing the whole way. among other less interesting places, we stopped at a few witchy shops, a candy shop, a polish bakery, and some fancy cafe.

after a day of sleeping and being generally lazy, we took an equally long trip up to unity for the common ground fair. while there, i lost (then found, after an angsty tractor ride back) a pair of green-lens cat eye sunglasses given to me by my gram around the tractor pickup spot. she wouldn't've cared a bit if they were crushed or lost forever, because she has some sort of aversion to the things she wore when she was a teen. this would be good for my closet if she hadn't thrown most of her things out before i was born...but now that i think about it most of the jewelery i have was at some point hers, or bought for me by her. in other non-grandmother related news, there were so many shnazzy dressers at common ground! dirty hippies are the best! i wish i could've taken pictures for future inspiration, but i was too busy wandering around all the food stalls.

the outfits i wore on both trips were bland, so i didn't bother to take pictures. but i did take a picture of my outfit for brunch yesterday!

sweaterdress, steve madden shoes, bracelet i got while trick-or-treating, pentagram ring.

we're going to the fryeburg fair this week, which will give me an opportunity to dress particularly autumn-y.

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