Sunday, October 23, 2011

cold as ice cream, but still as sweet

i feel weird for not posting for over a week.

first outfit: thrifted sweater, francesca's collections skirt, black tights, mudd shoes.
second outfit: thrifted shirt + skirt, mudd shoes.
i haven't been able to get "sunday girl" out of my head for at least a week and a half, so obviously i have to share it with any unsuspecting soul that happens to see this.
wore the first outfit to lunch in the old port last week...i bought the skirt a while back at francesca's collections with a giftcard all the way back from my birthday in april. the sweater shrunk a bit in the wash, i think, because it's a bit snug and will probably threaten to become a midriff.
the second outfit i wore a few weeks ago. the shirt is sheer, so in the right light (which unfortunately is not the light in my bedroom) you can partially see the demi bra underneath.

i also got my hair cut on saturday - which is always an exciting thing for me, because i get bored of my hair awfully quickly. it's not exactly what i asked the hairdresser for, though. i showed her a picture of ramona flowers in scott pilgrim vs. the universe (near the end, when she leaves), which has much longer bangs toward the right side. and, um, she did basically the opposite. it doesn't necessarily look bad, it's just not what i expected.
anyway, i've been decorating my room for halloween recently and i figured i'd take a few pictures.

this is the window next to my bed.

this is my "closet" next to my desk, with newly-purchased orange string lights. i had some fun taking pictures of them. (the top picture also includes 1. a david tennant cardboard cutout, 2. Classic Queen by mick rock and my two Queen 40th anniversary album box sets, 3. clutter, 4. a bra.)

this is right behind my bed, and includes my aforementioned green-lens cat eye sunglasses i almost lost at common ground.

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