Friday, March 4, 2011

what? this isn't a moodboard?! blasphemy!

This past month I've been collecting my favorite looks from the fashion weeks, and they've been piling up on my weheartit account, so I figured I'd post them here.
I'm probably not going to add deep, philosophical comments, but just the impressions I get when I look at them. (i.e. "ooooh pretty", "this one has colors i guess", etc etc)

I'll go with my favorite three: Roberto Cavalli, Anna Sui, and Missoni.

Roberto Cavalli

Alright, I'll admit, I've been ashamed of liking cheetah and leopard print before. When I was little (little-er), I would harass my aunt for her leopard print shoes and purses. I would ogle anything leopard, it didn't matter how much it cost or if it was the ugliest damn thing I'd ever laid eyes on; it was leopard, so it was beautiful. A few years ago, I realized that leopard was capable of looking tacky, and I sort of dropped it, but...Roberto Cavalli, you are my king. Your ethereal bohemian skirts and feather collars are so wonderfully layered. You even made me like velvet. I'm not too fond of the greasy hair, but even that just looks right with the clothes.
(By the way, at the moment I'm on a shoe rampage and those shoes are definitely not helping.)

Anna Sui

 This one was great, and my second favorite out of all three...Some of it was sort of late 60's schoolgirl with florals and peter-pan collars and lace, then it was a tiny bit boho at times? A few looks it gave me this celtic/pagan vibe, actually. I think it was the warpy circle tights (she had such gorgeous tights through the whole thing oh god) because I just automatically thought of celtic knots. This (click) looked very quilt-y, and it would've almost looked 90's if that skirt was a pair of overalls. The animal hats were a little weird but kind of went along with the childish schoolgirl thing, and the models smiling was a nice touch as well.
Also, SHOES! Not a lot of high-heels, which is good, 'cause those oxfords are amazing and more utilitarian and I will love them forever.


Sherbet. If sherbet was fuzzy and warm and it looked liked the most comfortable thing ever. Just seeing all those big, slouchy sweaters and coats makes me want to curl up with a cat and my heater on full-blast; It looks so laid-back and effortless. I'm going to have to try and make some sort of outfit like these, because they're too good-looking (and sort of practical for winter as well) not to. Also, that plaid coat looks really similar to a really long blanket I have. The sunset colors don't exactly scream "Fall", but I think it's better suited for winter? Since most of the colors are pretty muted, it seems like it would go with snow and the general quietness of the season. 
Although I'm not big on the boots (surprising, shoes I don't like), they sort of grounded the look. Everything's so floaty and grandma-y and then you scroll down and BAM clunky snake-print boots you didn't see that coming!
In other words, everything is Missoni and nothing hurts.

These were just my absolute favorites. I still have a bunch of random looks saved from other shows that I'll compile and post later. (Namely Proenza Schouler, D&G, and Ralph Lauren. There are like a dozen others though.) Lordy, this was a big post.

Images from, Fashion Gone Rogue, New York Magazine, The Fashion Spot, and Vogue.

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