Monday, February 28, 2011

i would put something like "cirque du freak" in here but that's kind of over used

warning: harlequin ahead


Wendy Bevan...I want to marry her pictures! They're just so wonderful and old-looking and kind of creepy while still being really cute! No commas! The Rolling Stones! Freddie Mercury! Exclamation marks!!!

Images: Alison Goldfrapp, magician/circus performer models photographed by Wendy Bevan, red and white aerialist, Natalie Wood, The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, old merry-go-round, Coco Rocha (editorial? ad? I think it has something to do with Dior?), harlequin Freddie Mercury, ethereal circus model photographed by Wendy Bevan, a woman and her dog, starry forehead model, and The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus again. The majority of these can be found on my weheartit account.

If you know the source of the uncredited images in this post, send me the link in the comments.


  1. I absolutely HATE the circus, but I do rather like the inspiration of the circus in these photos. Very cool.

    I'm in Maine, too! In Portland,-where are you?

  2. I've actually never been to the circus...The closest thing probably would be the Fryeburg Fair? I do love the atmosphere of it through the pictures, though. :)
    My parents wouldn't be too happy if I said exactly where we live, so I'm just going to go with southern Maine as well.