Monday, September 22, 2014

smoking in the girls room

some september outfits + fall inspoooo

1. thrifted dress, crown vintage boots, forever 21 velvet finish red lipstick (+ braids!!)
2. old navy blouse, thrifted pendleton wool skirt, sweater tights, old navy fuschia pointed flats (+ a high ponytail to make it look more '50s than mormon)
3. old navy dress, wicked clothes sweatshirt, thrifted doc martens (i would've actually put the sweatshirt on, but this was the first time i wore the dress out, and i have now learned it builds up static as you walk and clings to your bottom half in a very unflattering manner WHOOPS)

jersey knee socks, girl playing a record, niels schumm and anuschka blommers for self service, bruce webber for calvin klein sport 1988, debbie harry, '50s college girls, kristin angelique, poly styrene by janette beckman, kate moss for mademoiselle magazine 1993, alfred eisenstaedt for life magazine, doug dubois, skateboarding in central park by bill eppridge for life magazine, tavi gevinson, natalie wood by peter basch, brooke shields, colenimo's fall 2009 lookbook, twiggy, syracuse university girls, lily collins by hilary walsh for LA times magazine, elle fanning in elle magazine, marilyn monroe by andre de dienes, audrey hepburn by denis stock, kara hayward in moonrise kingdom, chloe grace moretz by brigitte sire for dazed and confused, tavi gevinson by petra collins, jean-bapistse mondino for next magazine, tennessee thomas

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