Monday, May 26, 2014

& i sit all alone, impatiently

(delias sweater, skirt from goodwill, saltwater sandals)

I didn't take a proper picture of my outfit before I left the house, so I took one in T.J. Maxx. The second pic is what I tried on there...the only thing I ended up buying was the polka dot skirt. I would've bought the shorts if they hadn't been totally see-through + had an awkward seam placement. The dress was super tight and a weird length, so it just looked gross and frumpy on me, A Short Person.
And that brings us to those shoes. I was in the clearance section of DSW when I saw them. They had been marked down from $80 to $10. They were some kind of knock-off brand. They were surprisingly easy to walk in. They were heel-less high-heel sneakers, and they were more than a little reminiscent of Barney the dinosaur. They were wonderfully (horribly?) gaudy, and also discounted, so I was basically required by law to put them on my feet immediately. And they actually fit! But I didn't buy them, for so many reasons.

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