Sunday, April 27, 2014

dream, dream, filling up an idle hour

supermodel's legs ✿ marina & the diamonds
ain't got no soul ✿ the pandoras
elephant ✿ tame impala
dancing queen ✿ abba
he don't love me anymore ✿ the tokyo happy coats
girls on film ✿ duran duran
crying blood ✿ v v brown
dreaming ✿ blondie
he's not a boy ✿ the like
cold winds ✿ the enchanted forest
somebody to love ✿ jefferson airplane
take it as it comes ✿ vivian girls
he's a rebel ✿ the crystals
mr blue sky ✿ electric light orchestra
sometimes i wish i were a boy ✿ lesley gore
on the radio ✿ donna summer
be my baby ✿ the ronettes
boys keep swinging ✿ david bowie

first issue of seventeen magazine, rolling stones japanese single cover, guitar playing in sears, flower book, uma thurman by andrea blanch, regina lemaire costa, post-dance smoke, outfit, philosophy di alberta ferretti f/w'11, florals, the shangri-las pin, twiggy, 'teen magazine

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  1. I love all the pictures you post!